Nizhal is an initiative taken by KRG Technologies Inc. established in 2017, to serve the society. The word ‘Nizhal’ translates to ‘shadow’. Indeed, Nizhal acts as a shadow in lives of needy people to support them when they are in need. One of the core values of KRG is to ‘Respect’ people. Of course, the core of respecting people is by helping them, when they are in need, without any expectation.

Nizhal is involved in various activities which have created a positive impact in the lives of numerous people in Southern part of India. Nizhal is associated with various verified NGOs and social bodies to reach out to the deserving individuals or group of people, who are in need.

We believe that helping is not restricted to sponsoring or giving things. We give a fantastic experience to them by spending quality time at their place. We also found many talents and we give them opportunity to perform in our annual events, every year.