Who We Are

KRG Technologies was founded with a simple motive of offering the clients exactly what they want, how they want and when they want. By leveraging for its clients its technological edge and right-sourcing advantage, KRG in a short period of time has grown to become one of the most trusted strategic technology partners. Treating every client as the top priority, we customize our solutions and services to align with the unique needs of each client.

Headquartered in Valencia, California, KRG employs a unique global delivery platform to minister its offerings spanning from application development and maintenance to business process reengineering. With the years of hands-on domain experience and international presence, we offer state-of-the-art solutions backed by our follow-the-sun service model in the most cost effective manner.

We value our clientele for the trust reposed in us and our clientele admire us for our personalized approach and deep commitment to their success. Our biggest strength lies in technical expertise of our team and individual competency of our employees, which enables us to be the most befitting solution provider.

What We Do

With each passing day the world is fast emerging as a level playing field offering unexplored opportunities. Along with, it is also transforming into a highly competitive business scenario where only the smartest can survive. The situation is further compounded by rising costs and dwindling budgets.

KRG empowers its clients to successfully withstand the flux of changing technologies, rising competition and financial constraints. Our solutions and services are tailor-made to suit the unique requirements of each client. Our projects are executed through well-defined service deliverables and delivered through scheduled timelines.

Our portfolio of services targeting mission-critical technology solutions broadly includes:

IT Services

Digital Services

Staffing Services


Vision & Core Values

To be a technological pioneer and reliable partner to our clients by offering cost effective and high performance solutions through our global delivery platform.

Treating integrity, honesty and uprightness as fundamental virtues our core values are:

Client Focus
  • Striving for client's success
  • Nurturing client partnership
  • Winning client's trust
  • Honoring commitments
  • Building lifelong relationships
Fostering Excellence
  • Encouraging innovation
  • Cultivating creativity
  • Ensuring quality
  • Improving continuously
Engaging Employees
  • Empowering employees
  • Growing together
  • Celebrating employees' success
Community Consciousness
  • Contributing to community development
  • Adopting green initiatives

Quality Leadership

Uncompromising quality is the underlying theme that runs through the methodologies and processes adopted by KRG in executing each of its projects. Our delivery mechanism founded through years of experience in software application development and process re-engineering helps us in mitigating risks, ensuring certainty and guaranteeing success.

KRG's quality-focused approach incorporates quantifiable and performance oriented parameters which help us stick to service deliverable timelines, lead to enhanced productivity and ensure client-desired deliveries. Complete transparency is one of the hallmarks of our quality standards and is ensured through constant project monitoring and progress tracking access provided to each client.

KRG has assimilated total quality management into its DNA by embedding its own in-house quality framework. Our quality system has been designed and developed keeping in mind the highest industry standards of quality including ISO 9001: 2000 and SEI-CMMI Level 5, business compliance needs and client requirements.

Our quality centric process methodologies offer our clients the following benefits:

  • Solutions exceeding expectations due to constant and consistent process improvements.
  • Proven and time tested project management and software development life cycle frameworks.
  • Advanced testing methods for lab and live quality control requirements.
  • Measurable processes, operations and performances.


At KRG we believe in creating a knowledge value chain which captures wisdom garnered through every project executed, converts it into knowledge and builds best practices which are adopted to streamline processes, optimize resources and reduce time-to-deliver.

The fundamental objective of our knowledge management initiative is to serve our clients better by building a knowledge repository and disseminating the right knowledge to project teams. This enables shorter time-to-market and maximum leverage of experience gained through various engagements.

Our knowledge management framework is oriented towards creating synergy among our human resources, organizational processes and technological systems. It helps us create intellectual assets, foster individual as well as organizational competence, ensure faster response times and improve continuously to increase customer satisfaction and generate customer loyalty.

By institutionalizing best practices, we enhance our organizational adaptation and ensure that we can deliver value and be the right source for our clients by overcoming challenges, at present as well as future.

Our knowledge management approach offers:

  • Industry‚Äôs best practices
  • Reduced cost and increased profitability
  • Improved Customer Delight
  • Streamlined processes and efficient operations
  • Improved and quicker decision making
  • Minimum start up time for new projects
  • Quick delivery time
  • Enhanced individual and overall productivity
  • Decreased retrenchment and increased retention

KRG's Advantage

KRG leverages its technical expertise, years of in-depth experience and competent resources to operate as the perfect partner for its clients. Our offerings are based on the premise of ensuring for our clients lowered TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). By adopting mature SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) processes which cover all phases from initiation through planning, design, deployment, integration, implementation, maintenance and support, we provide holistic concept-to-rollout solutions. The measure of our success is client satisfaction and appreciations that we have earned over the years.

We help our clients derive following advantages :

  • By ensuring rapid ROI (Return On Investment) we help justify and optimize our client's IT investments.
  • Global delivery platform and multi geography support system helps us serve our clients wherever they are.
  • State-of-the-art and innovative solutions give our clients technological edge over their competitors.
  • Follow-the-sun model ensures unhindered services with maximum uptime for our clients, round the clock.
  • Adoption of highest standards of quality enables zero defect deliveries and reduced time-to-market helping our clients always stay ahead.
  • Dedicated and experienced team members channelize their domain knowledge and hands-on experience to work for ensuring client's success