Logistics Services


Logistics Services sector acts as the virtual backbone of all businesses and is critical to the success of every other industry sector. With rising globalization the world is not only becoming flatter but also more competitive and immaculate logistics service is the only solution to survive and stay ahead of one's competitors.

IT solutions and services have revolutionized the very way the logistics services operate and have contributed tremendously to the eventual success of other industry sectors.

KRG's Edge

KRG specializes in customizing its IT solutions and services as per the needs of the Logistics Services sector and demands of the clients. Our solutions cover airlines, railroads, waterways and every other mode of transportation and extend to cargo and vehicle tracking, pipelines, warehouses and support services as well.

Our end-to-end logistics solutions catering to the Logistics Services sector include:

  • Legacy modernization and maintenance
  • Operational and logistics optimization
  • Master data management
  • Inventory Management Solutions
  • Warehouse and Transport (including Freight) Management Systems
  • RFID solutions
  • Ware house and transportation optimization solutions to drive lower costs while maintaining high quality of service
  • Integrated supply chain strategy
  • Integrated supply chain strategy
  • Business Intelligence
  • Integrated supply chain strategy
  • Custom application development and reengineering
  • Integration with existing Enterprise Resource Planning systems