Application Management


Organizations have a wide variety of needs which are met through a combination of hundreds of applications and software. The accompanying complexities of managing multiple applications and lack of control not only form a cumbersome process but also bring down the overall work efficiency and organizational productivity.


KRG has an extensive experience in successfully offering application management services for various applications across multiple platforms using different technologies. We offer industry standard ITIL based solutions for application monitoring, incident management and resolution, building test environments, code building and deployment, patch management and configuration management, web servers and application servers, legacy modernization and transformation.


KRG adopts a uniform methodology framework to provide its clients full life cycle application management services. We offer management services for bespoke applications, off-the-shelf software, legacy systems and other SOA-based applications.

Our services ensure various advantages, for our clients, which include:

  • Improving scalability even with changes and developments in technologies.
  • Efficient management of applications which leads to better performance and increased productivity.
  • Better overall resource management allowing more space for channelizing resources towards core objectives.
  • Comprehensive single source services leading to reduction in operational as well as management costs.