The need for skills in hiring for Digital skills has grown like a huge mountain. Indeed, we live in a data driven digital world. Businesses have taken digital services as an option to get what they want. The need for Digital professionals.

Social recruiting refers to identifying the right candidate for the available job requirements through Social Sites. In general, people use Twitter and LinkedIn to source the profiles matching the customer’s needs.

Success doesn’t necessarily depend on how you dress up to work. However, it is important to note that the clothes we wear impact our physical and mental being to influence the way we perform.

How bad you want your next submission to be a closure? Do you want to submit a profile which would be preferred for the next interview slot? Do you know the secret of successful recruiters who make more number of closures?

In India, we have variety of people working in the Staffing industry. A few work in Staffing due to their commitment, a few because they didn’t get any other job and a few use this as a stop gap arrangement, till they get their job based on their education.

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